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Why all the questions?

Many businesses are using AI to generate a ridiculous amount of content. And then flooding the world with it.
We're excited to take a different approach.
By interacting on a more personal level using what we know from building your website and gathering information about your business, your brand, your services and your products. After we have done the work to get to know your business we can then intelligently apply that to your Social Media channels.
Our mission with this new offering is to Intelligently Apply your businesses values and personality to your content.

We're calling it "Intel Applied"

Having spent the last year putting together a platform we're excited to offer what we see as a pretty revolutionary service in the way it can produce and control the distribution of Social Media content while making it simple for you to be as involved as you would like to be.
For example you can let us curate the content based on your input or be very involved - where you can review and approve every post and even interact with all of your audiences messages in one place!