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Every business would like their website to rank on Google. Well, not just rank... but to rank on page one. In order to maximize your marketing dollars find and use one of the best local search engine optimization agencies.

Many agencies offer SEO services, however, truth be told many agencies will use black hat tricks or tactics which will artificially increase your rankings then leave you to deal with the penalties.

What can happen is a near term spike in rankings followed by a crash in your rankings with subsequent Google penalties for using black hat tactics. Often this leaves you at a worse state than when you started. Now you will need to figure out how to fix the Google manual actions or find an agency who knows what they are doing to resolve the issues.

As you investigate search engine optimization agencies be sure to ask about the difference between using Adwords versus SEO. As you understand and compare the differences between pay per click Adwords results and costs coupled with landing pages, autoresponders and re-marketing versus the long term investing in content marketing to build and maintain your organic search rankings you will know where to invest your marketing budget. 

Our holistic approach to SEO, web design, site structure and content is different in that we work with you to understand the products and services and personality your business has to offer. Learning about your business and why you love what you do helps us understand how to creatively differentiate you from your competition. We then look at your competitors rankings to compare and determine how best to proceed. 

Our 5 step process to maximize
your marketing dollars.


Google Search Console

We establish a baseline doing research to determine if there are any issues or penalties with your current site. We use Google Search Console for every client. Google's Manual Actions will show any issues with your page and if "some or all of that site will not be shown in Google search results."


Google Analytics

We setup Google Analytics for all of our customers websites. With analytics we can show you reports and trends with usage and behavior on your website. Having access to website traffic you know how well your marketing budget is performing and if additional key words and content should be added to your marketing strategy?


Google My Business

Google My Business has become an integral piece of local search and showing up in the Local Map Pack. We have the experience to tune and maximize your Google my business listing. After optimizing your business can often show in the top local map pack results on Google.


Keyword Tools

Keyword Tools are imperative to remain relevant and continue to provide additional keywords and long tail keywords to help maintain your investment in both content marketing and SEO. Our research and having the data give us the ability to provide the right key words for your web marketing. 


SEO Process

SEO is not a one size fits all product.

Understanding and educating yourself about the best local SEO agencies processes how and what they can do to maximize and protect your marketing investment!

Our ethical holistic approach takes the guesswork out of SEO. Adhering to Google's webmaster guidelines we take a long term sustained approach to organic search. Ultimately this helps you maximize your marketing investment.

Check out our recent article 5 questions you should ask your SEO agency. Also to get an idea of agency seo pricing review our pricing and packages then take us up on one of our free site audits to learn how we consistently deliver positive results to help grow your business.

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