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Every ethical SEO agency would love to promise page one results! Truth be told some agencies do promise page one results regardless of the budget and the competition. Search engine rankings are dynamic with many variables working for you as well as competing against you. Is your business, product or services unique to your location or do you have many competitors? Regardless of your market we want to provide valuable tips to help you understand what to ask local SEO agencies you are thinking about working with.

As you research search engine optimization agencies be sure to understand and educate yourself on the difference of using Adwords versus SEO. Knowing where the results are positioned on the search engine results page and the costs relative to near term results and then compare that to the long term return on your investment in organic SEO. That exercise will help you make an informed decision whichever route you decide to go.

These five questions will assist you in finding the right agency.


Google Search Console

Do you use Search Console?
As obvious as it may seem if they are not you may very well be wasting your marketing budget. Ask yourself how can they know if Google will even rank the page if they don't use Google Search Console. Google's Manual Actions will show if "some or all of that site will not be shown in Google search results."


Google Analytics

Will you setup Google Analytics?
If they are not using analytics how can they show you reports and trends with usage or behavior on your website? If you can not see traffic data how do you know if your marketing budget is providing a return? If they can not show you trends how can they know what and when to make adjustments to your marketing strategy?


Google My Business

Do you use Google My Business? GMB has become an integral piece of local search and showing up in the Local Map Pack. Simply put if they and you are not using Google My Business you are missing out some of the most important results in Google Search Engine Ranking Page.


Keyword Tools

What Keyword Tools do you use? These are imperative to remain relevant and continue to provide additional keywords and long tail keywords to help maintain your investment in both content marketing and SEO. Ask yourself how can they advise you what words and content to target to benefit your industry if they are not using keyword tools?


SEO Process

SEO is not a one size fits all product.

Ask them about their process. Understanding and educating yourself about the SEO process  how and what your agency does to maximize your marketing dollars protects your marketing investment!

The approach Site Search Social takes to SEO is an ethical holistic one that takes the guesswork out of the equation. By adhering to Google's webmaster guidelines we take a long term view. Ultimately this helps you maximize your marketing investment.

Enjoy a free website audit to learn how we consistently deliver positive results to help grow your business.

Which plan best suits you!