PERC.WA.GOV came to us with a request to have their website developed in a way that staff could use the front end editor to update some of the pages content.

The Washington State Public Employee Relations Commission wanted to have an internal private intranet website that could be used to communicate updates and pertinent information to employees in both offices as well as in the field. The site would need to be user friendly and accessible on all devices.

It would also need to have all the content be in a format that could be edited with a front end content editor by employees not developers.

We were selected and went to work designing the Intranet site with our CMS platform that could be updated using easily.

We remain very proud of the Intranet sites capabilities and features.  It's a secure site that is password protected, provides wellness scheduling and despite the number of policies, and messages that need to be accessible and presented it's all been designed in a way that is user friendly across devices and requires very little administrative overhead by employees to update as required.

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